A Visit From SkippyJon Jones

This last week, our family had a visitor for several days.  My youngest daughter is in preschool and her class has been doing a book with animal friend.  Well, on Monday she was so excited to see that it was her turn to bring SkippyJon Jones home for the week.  The instructions for the week were to share experiences with him, read the story in his backpack and retell the story to share with the class next week.

So, SkippyJon Jones rode around town with us for the day.


He enjoyed dinner with our daughter.  She taught him to play games (which she won both times they played).


And when bedtime came each night, she made him his own bed on the floor and kissed him goodnight as she tucked him into bed.


Perhaps though, my favorite part of SkippyJon Jones visit was our daughters retelling of the story.  After reading the story SkippyJon Jones Class Action, here is her version of the story:

“SkippyJon Jones, he couldn’t go to school because he had to stay home.  But he was able to go on the school bus. The penguin helped him go to school.

The mother cat was a little cat.  Skippito caught him, but he didn’t want the cat.  He didn’t have enough time to get it! So he didn’t want to do to school, but the penguin go him on the bus.  It was only for dogs!

The teacher threw a ball and the dogs traced it.  They were afraid of a little dog in a polka dotted cup.  The dogs weren’t afraid because they didn’t have a refrigerator. His mom met him and he said, ‘Good night, mother.’ ”

She was so very excited the next Monday to take her new friend SkippyJon Jones back to school and share with her friends and teachers her story retell and to show off the pictures of her and Skippy.

After seeing her excitement and joy during the week of having SkippyJon Jones at our house, I am working through trying to decide what story and animal I should send home for my students to enjoy reading with.  It really is a great opportunity for literacy development and building the home-to-school connection for families.

What book/character would you suggest sending home for students?


Friday Top 5 — Family Fun

As we dawn a new year, I have been thinking about what I would like to do different and new this year.  I settled first on my blog — I want to expand and share more with you this year.  With that being said, I am going to plan to do a Friday Top 5 each week, focusing on an area of my life (family, school, teaching, classes, etc) and share my favorite 5 events of the week with you.

This week to start off the year, I am focusing on my family as we have had lots of fun memories, some silly, serious, new, and exciting.  So, let’s get started!

TOP 5:

1. For the first time, my middle daughter was able to stay up until midnight and ring in the New Year.  She participated in our annual toast with grape juice and laughed away with her older sister.  It was such a big accomplishment for her and a joy for me to watch her.

2. Enjoying family time at home for New Years Eve and New Years.  I am usually the shopper, needing to be on the go, but this year, I chose staying home and enjoying time with my girls and hubby.  It was such a refreshing two days together.  I’m glad I chose to enjoy time at home.

3. This week, I have taken time to pick up an old hobby I had — reading a book.  There is nothing like physically picking up a book and just sitting down to read.  This year I am starting off with a book about making time for myself, something I really needed to start my year off with!

4. As Christmas has come and gone, new toys have made there way into our house.  This would especially apply to all the new Barbie toys my girls have received. But the best part of these new toys coming is the precious sister time I get to listen in on.  Our two youngest daughters have spent many hours playing nicely together.  I have loved listening in on their conversations and watching them play together, it makes a mom’s heart happy!

5. There is always something special when I can sneak a peek at my hubby as he has been diligently working on a project that is so important to him.

That’s my Top 5 for this week, a focus on my family to start the year.

Let’s hear from you — Do you have a Top 5 for this week?