Parenting — A Scary Week

This was one of those parenting weeks I dreamed would never happen.  Our youngest daughter got hurt at school.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know injuries will happen at school, I see it all the time.  But when your preschool calls and says your child isn’t acting normal, it’s a little different.  I must say, I am proud of myself for not panicing in the moment, although I am grateful for friends at school who helped get me out the door quickly.

Apparently, our four year old was running outside and collided with another little kid.  They bonked heads and my sweet girl ended up with a nice size bump on her forehead.  She became silent, eyes dilated, and not wanting to eat.  When I arrived, she walked to me and wanted to be held. I knew we needed to head to the doctors so off we went.  At urgent care, the nurses gave her paper, stickers and a pen to make them pictures so she wouldn’t go to sleep till the doctor saw her.  This seemed to help but them she decided to start talking to me.

She shared with me :

  • how she got her injury
  • asked why we needed to see a doctor if her bump was going away
  • smelled the hand soap in the bathroom and shared how it smelled nice like a doctors office
  • changed her name to all sorts of things, and so much more!

By the time we saw the doctor, my assumption was confirmed. . . she had a concussion.  At first my heart raced over this news wondering what we were going to need to do for our sweet girl but because she was so little, rest was the order of the day.  So home we went.

Upon getting home, we sat her down and explained that her head and gotten shaken up today and that she should rest and not think too much.  Later in the evening when her sister was asking her a question, she replied that her head had been shaken and she couldn’t really think to answer her.  All I could was laught!

Despite the scare of the day, God was good to our sweet girl.  We kept her home the next day to rest a little more.  As the day went on, we saw more of our happy and sweet girl.  I am so grateful that God’s hand was upon our daughter to keep her injury from being more serious and healing her.  She is back to her happy, sweet self now!


Friday Top 5 — Summer Vacation

Well, we are officially in the middle of summer vacation! It seems to be flying by so quickly, which makes me a bit sad. On the upside, it does mean that we are having a blast on our family vacation!

So, in honor of summer vacation I want to share with you my top 5 highlights of summer vacation.

1 — Summer school — my youngest daughter was thrilled with the talk of going to summer school but then when we pulled up to her school that first Monday, she cried that she didn’t want to go back to her school but she wanted to go to a different school for summer.  What sadness for the start of summer!

2 — Family Vacations — We have been on a road trip and loving all the sites across the United States. Our children have traveled well and made lots of new memories!

3 — School shopping — My brain has already hit the school shopping mode.  It is crazy how a teacher knows like clockwork when sales start! I have picked up some great sales over the last week!


4 — College Campus Previews — Since we are on this amazing trip, we decided to spontaneously throw in checking out college campuses. It started with my husband wanting to see his old campus, which our kids loved because of the lake and tower they have, but we have included several others. At each campus, I am making a point of picking up a college t-shirt or two so I can wear them at school on College T-shirt Day to promote colleges around the U.S. (My husband likes that we now have shirts to wear during college football season!)

5 — Summer School Art Week — I taught summer school this week and we included an enrichment subject each week.  The last week we did art — focusing on Pop Art. The kids had a blast! We got to do bubble art and I must say, they did some amazing art.

20150622_090354           20150622_091610

Friday Top 5 — Family Fun

As we dawn a new year, I have been thinking about what I would like to do different and new this year.  I settled first on my blog — I want to expand and share more with you this year.  With that being said, I am going to plan to do a Friday Top 5 each week, focusing on an area of my life (family, school, teaching, classes, etc) and share my favorite 5 events of the week with you.

This week to start off the year, I am focusing on my family as we have had lots of fun memories, some silly, serious, new, and exciting.  So, let’s get started!

TOP 5:

1. For the first time, my middle daughter was able to stay up until midnight and ring in the New Year.  She participated in our annual toast with grape juice and laughed away with her older sister.  It was such a big accomplishment for her and a joy for me to watch her.

2. Enjoying family time at home for New Years Eve and New Years.  I am usually the shopper, needing to be on the go, but this year, I chose staying home and enjoying time with my girls and hubby.  It was such a refreshing two days together.  I’m glad I chose to enjoy time at home.

3. This week, I have taken time to pick up an old hobby I had — reading a book.  There is nothing like physically picking up a book and just sitting down to read.  This year I am starting off with a book about making time for myself, something I really needed to start my year off with!

4. As Christmas has come and gone, new toys have made there way into our house.  This would especially apply to all the new Barbie toys my girls have received. But the best part of these new toys coming is the precious sister time I get to listen in on.  Our two youngest daughters have spent many hours playing nicely together.  I have loved listening in on their conversations and watching them play together, it makes a mom’s heart happy!

5. There is always something special when I can sneak a peek at my hubby as he has been diligently working on a project that is so important to him.

That’s my Top 5 for this week, a focus on my family to start the year.

Let’s hear from you — Do you have a Top 5 for this week?

A Christmas Joy

Christmas is such a fun time in our house.  We are busy with Christmas activities at church, shopping, baking, school events, touring Christmas lights, and evenings watching our favorite Christmas movies.  Yet, each Christmas morning, my greatest joy comes in the laughs, giggles, and now squeals of delight that our girls ring out after opening a gift.

This year was no different, except for one gift.  Our oldest daughter loves One Direction.  She had told us twice that she really wanted another CD to which our response was that we knew.  Little did she know, I had already purchased it and had it hiding away!  So, when wrapping this gift, I didn’t want her to automatically know it was a CD.  I took a big shirt box, taped the CD to the bottom and then filled the box with black yarn!

Now, if you know my daughter, she LOVES yarn as she knits.  If was perfect!  Christmas morning she chose this special box to be her second present to open.  Her father and I just smiled as she simply stated that she had gotten a box.  Upon opening her box, she let out a squeal that she had received yarn.  I am convinced that had I not said anything, she would have been content and convinced that her gift was the yarn.  BUT I couldn’t hold it in and asked her if that was all that was in her box.  Upon further digging, she discovered the taped CD, which led to a good 3-4 minutes of screaming in absolute delight.

It was priceless….pure joy upon our daughters face and pure joy in heart.

I love Christmas, giving to those that are dearest to my heart and seeing the joy in their eyes and the squeals from their lips.

I pray this Christmas you were able to find a moment of pure joy in your day of celebrating with family and friends.

A Family Legacy

A Family Legacy

I’m taking a few moments today to remember my grandfather on his birthday. A hard-working, kind, caring, and generous man who deeply loved his family. He cared greatly for his wife and loved my father as his own. I am grateful today for the memories we shared and love he showed my brothers and I. I miss you grandpa!

Love this site . . . for books!

I love books.  My  husband and children love books.  I have books for every age, literally!  I can’t walk into a bookstore with buying at least one book . . . for everyone sometimes.

As a teacher, I have collected a lot of books.  They come from bookstores, Scholastic, students, and garage sales.  But, this spring a friend showed me an amazing website where I could get books!

If you haven’t checked out: yet, I highly encourage you to.

Here’s how it works:

1. create an account

2. upload 10 books you are willing to send to someone (they must be in good condition!)

3. get credits to spend (each book online costs 1 credit)

4. browse and order books you would like

Now, beyond this simple start up, you have to be willing to mail your books to others.  I was very skeptical of this at first but now, after shipping over 20 books, I have recouped that cost by all the books that have come to me!  For each book I send, I get a credit to spend on a new book.

I have used the credits to get my oldest daughter her BOB books, my nonprofit book, and my middle daughter some math picture books.  I have loved using this website.  I have a list of books I hope to get this year!

Where do you love getting your books from?

My Dream . . .

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I knew that my calling was to work with kids and teach them.  But then, a few years back, I had a dream.  A moment when God showed me something that has been with me since.  My new dream….a reality I hope in the near future.

For three years I had coordinated Back to School School Supplies for a church I attended.  We gathered donations from companies, made bags and delivered them to low income schools in the neighborhood.  I will never forget the last year when I received a letter from one of the kids who got the supplies, thanking us and telling us how much it meant to him and his family.  That touched me in a deep way….one that God used in this dream.

Now, 6 years later, I sat in a Bible Study that asked us to dream.  As I sat and prayed about that weeks topic, the following is what I saw:

A two story warehouse, with my logo on the front.  There is a receptionist area with a workspace and chairs.  To one side is a room for homework club in afternoons and tutoring.  To the other side are stairs leading up to a game room for kids to play in.  Behind the receptionist area is an open warehouse lined with supplies.  School supplies for students of all ages: pencils, glue, paper, backpacks, sharpeners, rules, scissors,etc.  You name it, it’s there among the boxes.

This dream was so real.  I could feel the excitement in the building as kids worked and played.  I was very startled by it and scared.  As I have processed through it over the years, I have come to a point of embracing it.

I want to find a way to share my vision, create a Board of Directors, and seek funding to get things going.  We have so many families that need help in more ways than just giving them supplies one day a year.  School goes for a 180 days and supplies run out…I want to make that difference and be there for these kids all 180 days of the year!

Would you join me?  How can you help to see this dream become reality?