Parenting — A Scary Week

This was one of those parenting weeks I dreamed would never happen.  Our youngest daughter got hurt at school.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know injuries will happen at school, I see it all the time.  But when your preschool calls and says your child isn’t acting normal, it’s a little different.  I must say, I am proud of myself for not panicing in the moment, although I am grateful for friends at school who helped get me out the door quickly.

Apparently, our four year old was running outside and collided with another little kid.  They bonked heads and my sweet girl ended up with a nice size bump on her forehead.  She became silent, eyes dilated, and not wanting to eat.  When I arrived, she walked to me and wanted to be held. I knew we needed to head to the doctors so off we went.  At urgent care, the nurses gave her paper, stickers and a pen to make them pictures so she wouldn’t go to sleep till the doctor saw her.  This seemed to help but them she decided to start talking to me.

She shared with me :

  • how she got her injury
  • asked why we needed to see a doctor if her bump was going away
  • smelled the hand soap in the bathroom and shared how it smelled nice like a doctors office
  • changed her name to all sorts of things, and so much more!

By the time we saw the doctor, my assumption was confirmed. . . she had a concussion.  At first my heart raced over this news wondering what we were going to need to do for our sweet girl but because she was so little, rest was the order of the day.  So home we went.

Upon getting home, we sat her down and explained that her head and gotten shaken up today and that she should rest and not think too much.  Later in the evening when her sister was asking her a question, she replied that her head had been shaken and she couldn’t really think to answer her.  All I could was laught!

Despite the scare of the day, God was good to our sweet girl.  We kept her home the next day to rest a little more.  As the day went on, we saw more of our happy and sweet girl.  I am so grateful that God’s hand was upon our daughter to keep her injury from being more serious and healing her.  She is back to her happy, sweet self now!


2 thoughts on “Parenting — A Scary Week

  1. Scary indeed.
    Thankful beyond words! So happy God is holding each of your precious girls in His loving & protective arms.
    Happy you have coworkers that can calm you & get you on your way.
    Miss you, Alan & the girls so much that I dreamt of you all last night.
    Hugs & kisses!


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