Elf in the TK Classroom

This year, I had so many students telling me about their Elves at home that I decided we would add a bit of elf to the classroom.  I planned our December unit around The Shoemaker and the Elves story. After reading the story and watching different versions on the computer, we cut the pieces to make our own elves.

On Monday, I put my elf together and laid him in the teacher chair.  The kids went crazy after lunch when they saw him.  Several of them suggested that he had gone to sleep in my classroom. During the remainder of the week, our elf was caught building with Legos, reading and playing in the kitchen.

To extend our elf into the curriculum, I made each student an Elf Journal.  Each day we wrote a simple sentence about what our elf had done.  It was amazing to see the great writing and pictures that my kids did! On Thursday, we built our elves and named them.

We had such a fun time with our elf.

Do you have an elf in your classroom? I would love to know what your elves were up to before the Christmas break.