A Renewed Start

As the end of my Christmas break draws near and another year starts, I took time to reflect on the last 12 months.  There were so many things that happened that I could be thankful for yet I found myself refecting more on what liesahead.

I went into my Christmas break very tired and worn out from my group of kids.  Honestly, I was very drained from them.  They are a very active group that needs lots of attention, plus coming home to attend to my own family just added to it.  I needed this break!

This last week I was able to focus on my family and our home.  We cleaned, rearranged, trashed, and donated.  It felt good to declutter some of the rooms and gave me a sense of a new start.

Then today I began to think about my classroom.  I put some of the books we would be working in together, searched through Pinterest for ideas, and found a smile returning to my face.  I am ready to see my active crew again.  I am excited to see the growth they had over break and what new, exciting stories they have to tell. I am sure that Monday will be a very busy day!

I also found myself evaluting other areas of life.  I have a terrible way of letting self doubt enter in things that I do.  I found this particularly true with my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I was really good with creating product for the first several months last year and then by the start of summer, self doubt kicked in.  I hardly touched my store.  Yet, today, I found myself reading some of the comments left by others.  People, like me, that were grateful for something I created.  I felt a spark of joy and realized that I need to focus more time on my passion of developing things.

To this end, I am also stepping out and opening another store on Teachers Notebook as well!  I am excited to see how God uses these two businesses this year.

For me, 2014 isn’t represented in a word or a list of resolutions that will be broken within a couple weeks.  For me, it represents a fresh start with the things I love: time with my family, a new and fresh outlook on my classroom and students, and a renewed joy in creating materials and selling it for others.

What does 2014 represent for you?


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