Love this site . . . for books!

I love books.  My  husband and children love books.  I have books for every age, literally!  I can’t walk into a bookstore with buying at least one book . . . for everyone sometimes.

As a teacher, I have collected a lot of books.  They come from bookstores, Scholastic, students, and garage sales.  But, this spring a friend showed me an amazing website where I could get books!

If you haven’t checked out: yet, I highly encourage you to.

Here’s how it works:

1. create an account

2. upload 10 books you are willing to send to someone (they must be in good condition!)

3. get credits to spend (each book online costs 1 credit)

4. browse and order books you would like

Now, beyond this simple start up, you have to be willing to mail your books to others.  I was very skeptical of this at first but now, after shipping over 20 books, I have recouped that cost by all the books that have come to me!  For each book I send, I get a credit to spend on a new book.

I have used the credits to get my oldest daughter her BOB books, my nonprofit book, and my middle daughter some math picture books.  I have loved using this website.  I have a list of books I hope to get this year!

Where do you love getting your books from?


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